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Prescription Cards - Free Pharmacy Discount Card

Prescription Cards is a free prescription drug discount program that will help reduce the costs of virtually all your prescription medications. This is a FREE discount program with no membership fees or tricky forums to fill out. Using our program is 100% completely confidential.

Free Pharmacy Discount Cards – Save up to 80% with No-Cost Pharmacy Cards

An Rx Discount Card (or Prescription Pharmacy Cards) is a simple way to save money on your prescription medications, and it’s free.

There are no account fees, no memberships and no confusing enrollment forms. The pharmacy cards at Prescription-Cards.com are 100% free and easy to use. All you do is print it out and take it to your pharmacy to participate in the program. Simply present your card to the pharmacist and you’ll save up to 80% on eligible prescriptions.

Why use a pharmacy discount card?

– It’s free
There’s no cost, payments or hidden fees of any kind. You don’t need a credit card. Your Rx Discount Card is completely free to obtain and use, always.

– Instant savings
No waiting for rebate checks in the mail. When you use your Rx savings card, you save up to 80% on your prescriptions – instantly. On average, people save 62% when using the card.

– Covers your whole family
You don’t need multiple pharmacy cards. One card covers everyone in your family.

– Never expires
Use your Rx card to save money every time you need a prescription – today, tomorrow or years from now. It never expires.

– Accepted nationwide
Where can you use your discount card? Almost everywhere! More than 70,000 pharmacies, across all 50 states, accept the card.

– No health restrictions
You use your discount card like an insurance card – simply present it with your prescription to get your savings. But unlike insurance, there are NO restrictions for preexisting conditions or other health problems.

Get your free pharmacy discount card now

Why pay full price for your prescription medications? You could be saving up to 80% on virtually all your prescriptions with this free Rx Discount Card. From the most well-known brands to generic medications, a vast number of drugs are eligible for savings with this card – at no cost to you.

Use the card to save money on your own prescriptions, your kids’ prescriptions, your parents’ or grandparents’. Everyone in your family is covered with one card.

Learn how pharmacy discount cards can work for you!

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