How to Accumulate Prescription Coupons

Every American citizen spends close to $1400 on medication every year

In recent years, the price of your medications has gone up by an astounding 8.5%.

With so much conversation around healthcare these days in America, more and more people are getting concerned about the rising cost of prescription drugs.

Whether you’re covered by insurance or paying out of pocket, you’re likely concerned about the rising costs of your prescriptions.

These days, everyone is looking for ways to save on your healthcare and medications.

Read on to find out how prescription coupons and discount cards can help you to save. We’ll also tell you where you can find them!

Why Should I Use Prescription Coupons?

First of all, many of these cards and coupons are free! You shouldn’t have to spend money in order to save it.

Even if there is a fee, it’s usually incredibly small – certainly a tiny fraction of your regular co-pay.

Also, many coupons and discount cards are accepted at thousands of pharmacies all across the country (yes, even big names like Walgreens and Target.) So, no matter where you live, you can save on your medications.

Unlike your individual healthcare plan, your entire family can use prescription coupons – even your pets! It doesn’t matter how much your partner is making, they’re still entitled to the coupon’s discounts.

It doesn’t matter how much your partner is making, they’re still entitled to the coupon’s discounts.

Coupons are a great way to help lower to costs associated with pre-existing conditions, since they can be used regardless of any long-term illness or disease you or a family member has.

They also work for a variety of medications – over 350, to be exact.

That includes the big-name drugs. You may already be aware that your co-pay may increase when you’re prescribed brand-name prescriptions. This is another situation where prescription coupons can really be a literal life-saver.

To find out if the medication you need is eligible for discounts, most coupon sites will have an alphabetized drug list for an easy search.

The coupons don’t just help you to lower the costs of these well-known medications, they can even entitle you to free trials.

Where Can I Get These Coupons?

The process of applying for your discount cards, and getting the coupons sent to you, is painless!

Many coupons cards can even be printed out at home. All you need to do is download and complete the template. If you don’t have a regular pharmacist, you can write your own phone number in the blank for “pharmacist’s reference.”

Make sure you ask about customer service when you choose your card, as sometimes, pharmacies may not know how to properly honor the coupon without more information.

Ready to Start Saving With Prescription Coupons?

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