All you need to know about Bystolic

Nebivolol or Bystolic falls under the beta-blockers class of drugs. Beta-blockers are a kind of drugs that work by affecting the circulation of blood and the heart. Conventionally, Bystolic is used to combat hypertension or high blood pressure. This is because by lowering the pressure of blood in the body, the risk of getting a heart attack is enormously reduced. Recently, doctors have started prescribing Bystolic for migraines.

In case you have a heart failure, chest pains, a liver disease, a kidney disease or an overeactive thyroid, you should carefully use Bystolic or avoid it completely. Medics strongly recommend that you do not stop the use of the drug abruptly. The aftermath of doing so can be fatal. To avoid such a situation, it is imperative that you progressively reduce your dosage over a period of two weeks. Moreover, it is advisable to see a doctor before choosing to stop using this drug.

During pregnancy, taking this drug can be harmful to the unborn baby. If you are planning to become pregnant or you are already pregnant, the recommendations of a doctor are important before you start the dosage of this drug. The same goes for women who are breastfeeding or planning to do so. Although no conclusive studies have been done to find out if the drug can be passed through human breast milk, studies on rats milk were positive. Generally, breastfeeding mothers are not advised to take the drug.

Beta blockers are known for their side effects. For instance, beta blockers are known to cause weight gain. Nevertheless, newer beta blockers like Bystolic do not cause weight gain. Especially is you have a heart failure, it is very important to monitor you weight when you are using beta blockers. In the event that you do not have heart failure but you gain more than 4 pounds within a short period of time, be sure to see a doctor immediately. Gaining weight while on this drug simply there is a congestion in the heart and the situation is getting worse.

Due to the ability of beta blockers to lower the heart rate and blood pressure, some studies have cited them as an effective way of managing anxiety. Nevertheless, after stopping the use of these drugs, some patients have reported undesirable symptoms like the inability to stay calm, sweating, racing heartbeat, fearfulness, nervousness and anxiety. This majorly the reason why sudden stoppage of this drug is not advisable. You surely do not want this withdrawal symptoms.

In case you miss your dosage, be sure to take it as soon as possible. If you remember about missing your dosage and it is almost the time for another dosage, just skip the missed dose and return to your normal dosage schedule. It can be disastrous to take two doses simultaneously. In case you overdose, you can avoid the side effects by contacting an emergency room as soon as possible. Do not consume alcohol while on this drug’s dosage because this can tremendously increase the risk of side effects. Moreover, grapefruit or grapefruit juice is known to affect how the drug works.

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