When do Doctors Prescribe Livalo Medication?

Owing to the fact that more and more people are not eating as healthily as they should these days, most patients have cholesterol levels that are far too high to be considered healthy. As a result, many doctors are now prescribing Livalo medication – also known as Pitavastatin Calcium – to help lower bad cholesterol and fat levels in the blood. Patients will also need to be willing to make a few lifestyle changes in order to remain as healthy as possible.

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Other Changes that are needed
After being given a prescription for Livalo medication, patients will need to ensure that they follow the low cholesterol diet plan that has been provided by their doctor, in addition to getting regular exercise. After a few weeks, patients will be able to see a marked difference in the levels of the HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol as well as the LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol in their blood. In the long run, this will help make the patient less susceptible to suffering from heart disease, heart attacks or strokes – all of which can be debilitating. Patients who are overweight will need to slim down and smokers will need to kick their habit when using this medication as well.

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Using Livalo Medication
Most patients will be required to take this medication once a day – preferably at the same time each day. It can be taken with or without food, but a patient’s doctor will provide more concise instructions in this regard. Dosages used will depend on how well a patient responds to the treatment, whether any other medications are being used and the overall level of a patient’s health. Patients who use other cholesterol-lowering drugs, it is recommended that Livalo medication be taken at least 1 hour before or 4 hours after taking other drugs or supplements. Patients who are using other drugs should inform their doctor beforehand, as this could affect the way in which this one is given out.

Patients should also remember that it is not recommended that they change their dosage of this drug without consulting with their doctor or health care provider first. In cases where a patient is struggling to afford the full cost of Livalo medication, it is recommended that they search for discount coupons or ask their health care provider about the possibility of a prescription discount card being available for it.

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