FAQ Category: Drug FAQ

How can you provide this card free?

The pharmacies are willing to pay us a fee for the prescriptions because of the marketing effort that is put into the program, so we do not have to charge for the cards.

Is this an insurance plan?

No, this is a discount drug card program that gives you access to affordable prescription drugs through a national network of participating pharmacies.

Can I use this my insurance card?

You cannot use both your insurance card and the RxFreeCard at the same time. If you have an insurance plan that covers the drugs you are purchasing, we recommend you bring both to your pharmacy and use whichever one saves the most. However, if you don’t have insurance, or if the drug you are purchasing is not covered by your insurance plan use our free prescription card.

Who is eligible?

Everyone within your household can use the card. Since our program is not insurance, there are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions. Everyone, regardless of pre-existing conditions, income or age, is eligible, INCLUDING YOUR PETS.

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