Is Adderall Used for Bipolar?

Adderall is medication stimulant which is mostly used in the treatment of poor impulse control and also it helps in improvement of concentration. These two symptoms occur in a number of disorders among them bipolar disorder and Attention Deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD.)It contains a combination of two elements i.e. dextroamphetamine and amphetamine.These two elements are stimulants which affect the chemicals contained in the brain and nerves which lead to hyperactivity and control of the impulse.

What is a Bipolar Disorder? This is a simply whereby the moods of an individual disorder. This means that it is condition whereby, the mood of a person has embarked on a life of its own, which is totally separate from what is happening in a person’s life. Most of the people with this condition often have deep feelings of either sadness or happiness, high energy levels also known as mania, or very low energy levels commonly known as depression.

These changes in the mood apparently happens for no reason and may occur for days, weeks or even months. During this period a person does not experience impairment.

Because of the apparent similarity of the symptoms between Bipolar and ADHD, most people tend to recommend the same medicine and treatment for the two disorders. However, this should not be the case. This is because the two conditions are totally different even if they share common symptoms. Therefore they should not be treated in the same manner. It is however important that a person can have both disorders at the same time. When such a case presents itself, Bipolar should be treated first.Adderall is mostly recommended for ADHD treatment and not Bipolar Disorder. Research has shown that the consumption of Adderall for treatment of bipolar may even worsen some symptoms such as disrupted sleep, mania, changes in weight and appetite, racing thoughts, increase in the level of foolishness or pressured speech and increased impulsive behavior.

Most of the professionals in the health sector believe that Adderall should not be used in treatment of this disorder. Most of them believe that if the so mentioned medication is taken in the manic stage it could cause Adderall psychosis which is very risky to the body.

However, when Adderall is used alongside a mood stabilizer to treat Bipolar disorder, its side effects are minimized. Nevertheless this should be done under a close supervision of a well-trained psychiatrist. Therefore it is evident that Adderall should be avoided in the treatment of Bipolar. It contains some dangerous side effects which could be harmful to the body.

Therefore as discussed above, it is highly recommended that Adderall should be avoided in treatment of bipolar mood Disorder. Taking it may lead to a condition worse than before. Some of its side effects especially at the maniac stage can be very harmful to the body and may even lead to temporary or permanent impairment.

Therefore it should only be used for ADHD .Currently, research is going on so as to identify ways and means to minimize the possible effects of Adderall in the treatment of the disorder.

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