What is Lovaza Medication Used For?

Thousands of patients suffer from excessively high triglyceride levels, which can result in the development of numerous other health conditions if left unchecked. Lovaza medication is a prescription fish oil supplement that can help lower a patient’s triglyceride levels by as much as 25% when used according to a doctor’s dosage instructions. In some markets, this medication is also sold under the name of Omtryg.

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How Lovaza Medication Works
Although this medication is classified as a lipid-regulating agent, it is still not 100% clear exactly how it works. It has been suggested that it may play a part in decreasing the production of triglycerides in a patient’s liver. Patients will need to take it as per their doctor’s instructions for a period of a few weeks at least before they see any results. There are a few important points to remember regarding this medication though, which will be discussed below.

Be Upfront with your Doctor
Lovaza medication can interact negatively with a number of other prescription drugs, which is why it is essential for patients to let their doctors know what other drugs they may be using. Some of the most common medications that interact with this one include anticoagulants, herbal and vitamin supplements, beta blockers, hormone medications, thyroid medications or even some diuretics. If patients are using any of these drugs or supplements, their doctor will need to adjust their Lovaza medication dosages accordingly. Moms who are pregnant or breastfeeding should also notify their health care providers before taking this medication.

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Using Lovaza Medication
When taking this medication, patients need to ensure that they always follow the advice of their doctors or health care providers with regards to dosages. In some cases, it may need to be taken with food and the medication should always be swallowed whole – it should never be broken into pieces or crushed, as this will affect the way it works. It is also recommended that the medication be taken at the same time every day, as this will help ensure that it is as effective as possible.

Patients who experience allergic reactions such as severe diarrhea, hives, rashes, chest tightness, and difficulty breathing swelling of the lips, mouth or face, irregular heartbeat, unusual bleeding or bruising or any other abnormal symptoms should seek medical attention immediately and refrain from taking the medication again until they have consulted with their doctor.

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