What are the Main Symptoms of Hypertension?

High blood pressure (hypertension) afflicts over 70 million Americans (29% of the population) each year; it is a precursor to many different ailments if the individual does not begin to take immediate precautions and change their lifestyle.

Hypertension is when an individual’s blood pressure reaches 130/80 mm Hg and caused by many different factors — some common, some not so much:

  • Age
  • Family history
  • Smoking
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Ethnicity

There are ways to curb the issues if you’re willing to use medicine effectively, exercise, and watch your diet. Even still, it’s good to know what can be in your future if you’re stubborn or get a bad luck of the draw.

This isn’t to spook you. It’s better to know the symptoms of hypertension now than be blindsided later…

The Symptoms of Hypertension

The symptoms of hypertension are where it begins to get extreme depending on how far along you’ve lived with the ailment:

  • Weakened Arteries/Aneurysm – Fat buildup weakens the lining of your arteries; over time the arteries become damaged which may result in an aneurysm (when an artery ruptures and causes internal bleeding).
  • Coronary Heart Disease/Failure – A more extreme outcome is when the damage causes the muscles in your heart to become damaged which can later result in an enlarged heart which cannot pump blood through your body resulting in chest pain or even heart attack.
  • Cognitive Issues – The lack of blood through your system may also spell an eventual risk of stroke (brain lacks oxygen), dementia (interruption of the blood to the brain), or mini-strokes which you may not even notice but does serve as a warning sign to get help.
  • Kidneys – The kidneys are affected by the amount of blood they are (or are not) receiving; kidney failure is frequent with those experiencing hypertension but also not limited to scarring and even an aneurysm.

Treatment of these issues can reach astronomical heights if you aren’t insured. There are ways to reduce the price and save on healthcare by switching to generics, using prescription cards, and shopping around but what it comes down to is being proactive about your health and understanding the signs when it’s no longer in your control.

Tens of millions are still uninsured but there ARE actions you can take, today, to help with your hypertension.

Handling the Symptoms of Hypertension

What really needs to happen is an overall lifestyle change.

Yes, it will be hard to adjust your diet and routine but what’s the alternative? Continue on the path of high blood pressure until one of the many symptoms take over (or even end) your life?

Things need to change — and this is how it’s done:

  • Start and stick with a cardio exercise that will help your heart stay strong, reduce weight, and get the blood flowing.
  • Talk with your doctor about the medical and natural ways you can reduce your high blood pressure while balancing the budget (aka using discount pharmacy cards) so you don’t sink into a hole and add more unneeded stress to your life.
  • Reduce the sodium in your diet through lean means and tracking your food intake using a service like MyFitnessPal
  • Limit your alcohol and try to quit smoking
  • Log your blood pressure and your stressors to help avoid the spikes

Hypertension affects many of us but it doesn’t have to ruin our lives. There are options for those willing to take action. There are ways to save when money is tight. It all comes down to you — don’t let the symptoms of hypertension control your life.

Find your prescription card and start saving today!