What You Need to Know to Use Your Chantix Coupon

Almost 70% of adult smokers want to quit. If you’d like to join them, but you’re not sure where to start or how you can afford Chantix, we’ve got good news: You can save with an easy-to-use coupon.

Chantix, known also as varenicline tartrate, can assist smokers in giving up smoking by a two-step process.

First, Chantix makes it easier for smokers to handle nicotine withdrawal.

Next, it minimizes the enjoyment of nicotine, so that if smokers elect to smoke while on this medicine, they can find it less enjoyable than before starting Chantix.

Unfortunately, this medication can be a significant monetary investment. If you’re unsure how you will fit it into your budget for the next three to six months, a Chantix coupon can help you reach your goal of saying goodbye to cigarettes.

Is Chantix effective?

Different medications can work for some patients and not for others. This is true of every medication.

However, a study reported in 2015 showed that 47% of smokers decreased smoking or quit entirely while using Chantix, making it one of the most effective medicines to help patients quit.

What You Need to Know

Chantix can give smokers a chance to finally quit smoking, and rid themselves of the financial, social, and medical costs associated with nicotine use.

Can’t I just use my insurance to buy Chantix?

If your insurance covers Chantix, that’s great!

For many smokers, this isn’t the case. Chantix can cost hundreds of dollars a month, and while many smokers may believe the cost worth regaining their health, they simply might be unable to afford the investment.

What You Need to Know

The key to successfully quitting using Chantix is to keep taking the medication for the prescribed duration (unless, of course, your physician or pharmacist recommends otherwise).

The monthly cost of Chantix might be affordable at first, but for smokers who have a tight budget or who continue smoking while on Chantix, the cost can be prohibitive.

How much money can I save with a Chantix coupon?

Saving money with a Chantix coupon is a great way to get the medicinal help you need to quit smoking without emptying your bank account.

In fact, you can save up to 80% with a Chantix coupon. Best of all, the coupon is easy to use:

  1. Print out coupon
  2. Present coupon to pharmacist
  3. Keep using it to keep saving

Think of the coupon more like a discount card, because while coupons expire, these savings do not. You can continue using this discount each time you need to renew your Chantix prescription.

What You Need to Know

We want to help you reach your goal of quitting smoking. That’s why we offer a coupon card that can significantly reduce the cost of using this medication.

Our Chantix coupon is simple to use; at the end of the day, we want you to be successful.

If you’re ready to give up smoking with Chantix’s two-step process, and you want to save on your prescription, get your own Chantix coupon.

Find your prescription card and start saving today!