RX Discount Cards

Easy Savings On Your Prescription Medications

Rx Discount Cards are changing the way people pay for their prescription medications. It’s a completely free program that anyone can use, regardless of their age, medical history or how many prescriptions they need.

By using the card, you automatically save up to 80% on your prescriptions, right at checkout. Unlike other discount programs, there are no confusing enrollment forms or gimmicks. The free Rx Discount Cards can be printed by anyone from their home computer, and they’re ready to use right away.

Your Information Resource For Rx Discount Cards

Who is eligible for this savings?
– Anyone who needs a prescription medication
– Family members of the cardholder
– Even the cardholder’s pets (for prescription pet medications)

Typical savings

Eligible prescription medications are reduced up to 80% with these Rx discount cards. The average savings for those who use the free card is 62%.

Example: if your medication costs $100.00, and it’s eligible for a 62% discount, then you will only pay $38! Keep in mind the savings can be even more, or less, depending on the prescription.

No cost – ever

Your discount pharmacy card is always 100% free. You print it from the website, at no cost to you. There is also no cost to use it. No matter how many prescriptions you fill, or how often, the Rx card is always free. Why ever pay full price for your prescriptions again?

How are these savings possible?

You may be wondering, “How can this discount card be offered for free?” Great question – it’s one that many people ask. Thanks to unique relationships with the pharmaceutical industry, Prescription-Cards.com is able to negotiate discount pricing for consumers like you. The pharmaceutical companies that manufacture your medications reimburse Prescription-Cards.com every time you use your card, which is passed on as free savings to you!

Print your card now

Pay less for your prescriptions, starting today. Print your free card now and save up to 80% the next time you pick up your Rx at the pharmacy.

Find your prescription card and start saving today!