Saving Money on Zoloft the Easy Way

Zoloft is manufactured by Pfizer, and is commonly prescribed by doctors to treat depression or anxiety-related disorders. A few conditions this drug may be used for include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and panic attacks. It must be prescribed by a physician, and can sometimes be expensive unless you have a discount card that will help you offset the cost of this medication.

Free Coupon

If you’d like to save money on Zoloft, you have definitely come to the right place. All you need to do is download this free coupon and then take it to your local pharmacy when having your prescription filled. It is available to everyone regardless of income or insurance benefits; however, it cannot be used in conjunction with insurance in order to reduce the amount of your co-pay. This coupon never expires, and can be use by everyone in your household to help them save on their own Zoloft prescription as well.

The Benefits

Our convenient Zoloft coupon can help you save on average around 80% off the cost of your prescription. All this is possible without having to file any insurance claim forms whatsoever. You also don’t need to prequalify in order to obtain the coupon. Simply download and print, or write down the pertinent information and provide it to the pharmacist in order to enjoy your savings. Here is the information you should take note of:

  • Member ID – Your ten-digit telephone number is the member ID.
  • rxBIN – 900020
  • rxGRP – SJC396
  • Helpline – 1-800-299-5383

Where to Save

We  have partnered with more than 60,000 pharmacies nationwide in order to ensure you can easily take advantage of the savings we offer on Zoloft. A few of the participating pharmacies in our network include Walgreens,  CVS, Rite-Aid, Publix, Cub Pharmacy, Albertson’s Wal-Mart and The Medicine Shoppe. In addition, you could just find that one of your local chain drug stores would be willing to accept this coupon as well. Provider participation may vary, so it’s best to call ahead to verify acceptance of this coupon before you go in to have your prescription filled.

Other Possible Savings

In addition to helping you save on Zoloft, we also make it easy to save on other prescriptions. That’s because this same card can also be used to obtain discounts on other prescriptions such as Cymbalta, Lexapro, Celexa or Wellbutrin. You can even save money on prescriptions you purchase for your pets. There’s no need to print off another coupon-simple present the one you see here when filling other medications and then enjoy the savings on those drugs as well.

Even though we’ve gone out of our way to make saving money on Zoloft easy, we know you still could have questions about this money-saving procedure. If so, feel free to contact our toll-free helpline at any time in order to have those questions answered. We take great pride in offering money-saving discounts to people just like you, and hope you will continue to enjoy your savings for some time to come.


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